At Spirit of Monmouth, the safety and well-being of our members is paramount. If you have concerns regarding your personal safety, well-being, or any other issue affecting your membership experience, please consider reaching out to the following resources:


Internal Support

Chair: Barry Burns

Welfare Officers: Our club has two dedicated Welfare Officers who have received comprehensive training in dealing with safeguarding situations. They will handle your concerns professionally and with confidentiality.

Male Welfare Officer: Brian Evans
Female Welfare Officer: Trish Bicknell


External Support

In case of emergency, consider contacting 999 or 101.

National Safeguarding Teams

Welsh Athletics: | 07792242153

UK Athletics: | 07983081122


Safeguarding Policies and Procedures

Spirit of Monmouth adheres to robust Safeguarding Policies, Procedures, and Codes of Conduct adopted from Welsh Athletics. These have been extensively reviewed to ensure a consistent and professional approach in line with UK Athletics standards. Our commitment is encapsulated in the statement: “We will safeguard adults by ensuring that our activities are delivered in a way which keeps all adults safe.”

All individuals involved in our club are expected to familiarize themselves with and adhere to the relevant Codes of Conduct. Separate Codes have been developed for different roles such as Athletes, Coaches, and Officials.

For more information on Welsh Athletics policies, please visit their Safeguarding and Wellbeing site. We particularly draw your attention to the “Safeguarding Adults Policy,” “Safeguarding Adults Procedures,” and “Codes of Conduct.”