Policies and key contacts:

Relevant contact details of organisations and agencies that can help with your safeguarding issues.

We want all runners to feel safe and to enjoy their experience of membership with Spirit of Monmouth. If you have a concern regarding your personal wellbeing, safety or other concern that has an impact on you as a member of the club – or indeed if you have safeguarding concerns involving any member of the club, please consider one or more of the following range of options:

You may feel free to contact the Chair, David Mather ([email protected]) if appropriate, but you should also strongly consider getting in touch with one of the club’s two Welfare Officers, both of whom have undertaken relevant, good training in dealing with safeguarding situations. They will treat your concerns with professionalism and in confidence. More details, including contact information can be found here: Welfare Officers.

If your safeguarding issue is urgent, then first consider if it is appropriate to directly contact help via 999 or 101

Perhaps if less urgent, but if you wish to get in touch with people outside of our own club, you could consider contacting the National safeguarding teams. You can do this as follows:

Welsh Athletics: email:   [email protected]. Phone: 07792242153 or:

UK Athletics:   email: [email protected].    Phone:   07983081122

Many more organisations that can help you with a wide range of safeguarding problems or issues can be found in Appendix 2 of this document

Welfare Policy, procedures and Codes of Conduct

The Club has adopted Safeguarding Policies, Safeguarding procedures and Codes of Conduct (CoC) drawn from those created by Welsh Athletics. These were significantly reviewed during the first part of this decade to ensure that a consistent and professional approach is taken across UK Athletics. The result is perhaps best encapsulated by a single statement “We will safeguard adults by ensuring that our activities are delivered in a way which keeps [all adults] safe.” (there are separate policies for children being introduced too, but not relevant to our club).

All people involved in the sport must read and adhere to the CoCs. There are separate CoCs drawn up for different functions, such as Athletes, Coaches, Officials etc.

More information on WA policies can be found on theĀ Welsh Athletics Safeguarding and Wellbeing site. Your attention is particularly drawn to the “Safeguarding Adults Policy”, the “Safeguarding Adults Procedures” and “Codes of Conduct”