Coaches & Leaders

Qualified Coaches and Leaders at Spirit of Monmouth

To help our members stay safe while running and develop their running ability, some members have gained qualifications in coaching and leading runners. More information about the qualifications can be found at the Welsh Athletics website:

Leadership in Running Fitness

Coach in Running Fitness

The club has a certain amount of budget to send members on these courses, to ensure there are plenty of people trained to lead groups of runners. If you are interested in gaining one of these qualifications (please note you generally have to obtain the Leader qualification as a prerequisite to the Coaching qualification), please speak to a Committee member.

Qualified CIRFs (Coach in Running Fitness)

David Mather

Qualified LIRFs (Leader in Running Fitness)

Brian Evans

Martin Blakebrough

Sian Burns

Trish Bicknell

Jeremy Creasey

Matt Unsworth

David Rutter

Helen Dunn

Bernie Cloete

Rachel Waters

Olivia Farrington

Lou Camacho

Renske Bouwens

Stephen McMenemy

Richard Wonson

Barry Burns

Lucy MacDonald

Vicky Roberts