Club Championship 2019

Spirit of Monmouth Club championship 2019:

Congratulations to marina wright and matt unsworth who won the 2019 club championships… with the glcl championship winners lucymacdonald and brian evans.

full 2019 results here:-  Club-champs-and-GLCL-final-results-2019
Club championship and glcl championship.

We have two championships on the go.  One is based on a programme of events that make up the club championship to find our Male and Female “Runners of the Year”. Click on the links for full details of the races, and how to enter.

In addition, we have awards based on GLCL performances (dealt with totally separately)

Club championship Runners of the year  –  How it works

Run in as many events as you can – ensuring that you register under Spirit of Monmouth when entering the race.  For most events, for each gender, the best result earns you 6 points with 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 for the next best results (indeed all other finishers will also earn 1 point).  Exceptions to this scoring system are marked on the Events’ List below.  There are 15 events in total but it is the results from your BEST TEN that are added together to generate your final score.   Good luck!

events’ list

*Note that there are bonus points available for the club 5K time trials – criteria for allocation to be announced.