Club Championships 2023

There are loads of races to go at this year… and it’s your best 10 scores that count, so no need to fret if you can’t do them all – just crack on, and do whichever you can. See the additional notes below the table about races to be added, and note that this whole table is confirmed within reason. It’s possible the races may be changed if circumstances change, but we absolutely don’t intend to (whilst reiterating the notes below the table mention the intention to add a one-mile race somewhere… and that a marathon and an ultra count for points (only your best marathon / ultra count)!

Points are awarded – generally speaking 10 points for first Spirit finisher in any given race (the two genders are treated as separate races). Second place gets 9 etc. Everyone who completes will get at least one point. Also note that there are two championships running concurrently here… the Runner of the Year, and an age-graded version which, if you’re not familiar, is like a handicap system that adjusts for the ravages of age on our bodies! So if you’re aged 55 and you finish just behind a 21 year old, then you will score less well than the youngster in the ‘Runner of the Year’ competition, but will very likely outscore them in the age-graded competition. Male and Female competitions take place in parallel.

Links to relevant websites (for race entries / details) can be found by clicking on the table below and scrolling to the right… this certainly works on a laptop… I need to test it on a smartphone. REMEMBER TO SIGN UP WITH SPIRIT OF MONMOUTH AS YOUR CLUB. THIS IS MANDATORY UNLESS RACE ENTRY SYSTEMS PREVENT IT (please let us know if you have trouble)

Sunday19/02/2023The Sorbrook Slog7 Miles£10 / £12NN
Sunday05/03/2023Newport Half Marathon Half£34 YY
Sunday12/05/2023San Domenico 20M20 Miles£20
Saturday18/03/2023Fission20 miles£23
Sunday 02/04/2023The Great Welsh Half Marathon13.1m£43 OptionTBC
Sunday30/04/2023Bluebell Blunder10kmish£14
Tuesday09/05/2023Rose Inn Series #1 (Your best time in series)4 Miles?NN
25/05/2023Fountain 55 miles
Tuesday13/6/2023Rose Inn Series #2  (Your best time in series)4 Miles?NN
09/07/2023Monmouth Challenge Run12km£12
Tuesday11/7/2023Rose Inn Series #3 (Your best time in series)4 Miles?NN
Sunday16/07/2023Mic Morris 10km10km£26 – £33YY
School HolsAny Park Run  (Your best time in series)3.1mFree
29/07/2023Magor 10k10km
Tuesday8/8/2023Rose Inn Series #4 (Your best time in series)4 Miles?NN
27/8/2023Severn bridge 10k and half10km
Sunday17/9/2023Oldbury 10 10 miles£18 / £20NY
Sunday01/10/2023Wizz Air Cardiff Half MarathonHalf£36 / £44YY
???Blaze the Biblinstbc
???Ponty Plodtbc
November2023Newent 9tbc
November2023Severn Bridge 5 Night Race 1 (your best of the series counts)5miles
December2023Severn Bridge 5 Night Race 2 (your best of the series counts)5miles
Additional notes