Club Vests

At present we have the following Kukri vests in stock, at a cost of £22.50:

2 x mens medium
1 x mens large
1 x mens 3XL
2 x ladies size 8
1 x ladies size 12

Also 1 large t-shirt with SoM embroidered logo on the front with printed SoM on the reverse.

For 2016 we have a new vest with a new supplier.

The ladies vests will be shaped and longer in the body than the current vests. 

Due to their strict rules on ordering minimum quantities, we will not be able to order items as and when people want them. If you would like one of these vests, please let Lisa Rees Bailey know.

The cost for new vests will be £22.50.

Please contact Lisa Rees Bailey with any questions or orders

Spirit of Monmouth Running Club vest size chart

Please check your vest size against this chart to ensure you order the correct size!

Other Kit

New style hoodies and zoodies (a hoodie with a zip) are now available for you to order direct from our supplier. They will have SoM embroidered on the front and printing on the back.

Buffs are also available but please remember that the SoM logo is embroidered on rather than printed. 

T shirts with SoM embroidered on the front and printing on the back. 

Long sleeve tech tops with SoM embroidered on the front and printing on the back. 

Prices for the items are currently as below (but please confirm when phoning your order):

Hoodies: £23.50

Zoodies: £31.50

Technical t-shirt (short-sleeve): £6.30

T-shirt (long-sleeve): £8.20

Buffs: £7.50

All items can be personalised, please discuss this with Dee when you phone your order through. If you also want your name on the front this is an extra £3.00 

To order these items please give Dee at Deezynes a call on: 
(01594) 540319
Mon to Fri. 10-5
All major credit/debit cards accepted. 
There may be a delivery charge or you can collect from Cinderford.

Any questions, please contact Lisa Rees Bailey