Club Welfare Officers:

Firstly – if you have come to this page with a specific safeguarding concern, please contact our Welfare Officers – details here: Welfare Officers

Safeguarding and welfare information and procedures

Welsh Athletics has been reviewing Safeguarding measures to ensure that a consistent and professional approach is taken across UK Athletics, which is perhaps encapsulated by a single statement “We will safeguard adults by ensuring that our activities are delivered in a way which keeps [all adults] safe.” (there are separate policies for children being introduced too, but not relevant to our club)

A new policy has been developed, with procedures laid out – and Codes of Conduct (CoC) have been created. All people involved in the sport must read and adhere to these. There are separate CoCs drawn up for different functions, such as Athletes, Coaches, Officials etc.

At the time of publication, key documents can be found via this link on Welsh Athletics website Copies of “Adult Safeguarding Policy”, “Adult Safeguarding Procedures” and “Codes of Conduct” have been appended here on our own website for your convenience – downloaded from the WA website on 15th April 2021. If important, please check the WA website for any updates.