GLCL (and Gwent League)

League Racing.

We run take part in a road-race league in the summer (GLCL) and cross country in the winter months.

Cross Country

SoM takes part in two separate cross country leagues – the Gwent League and the Gwent Leisure Centre League (GLCL).  Apologies that they have such similar names… it’s not our fault!

We have become established in the GLCL – and this is described in detail on this page.  We are newer to Gwent League races – these actually cover a wider geographical area, and we tend not to get a full team running – but they are great events and you can really enjoy the races as individuals. As the popularity of Cross Country continues to increase, maybe we’ll start to get full teams out there too.  The upcoming fixtures of both leagues are shown here… then the rest of the page concentrates on how the GLCL works.

GLCL Cross-country

31/10/2021 – Chepstow

28/11/2021 – Lliswerry

09/01/2022 – Caerleon

13/02/2022 – Pontypool

13/03/2022 – Fairwater

Gwent League 

Saturday 16/10/21 – Llandaff Fields, Cardiff

SUNDAY  14/11/21 –  Brecon

Saturday 4/12/21 – Pembrey Country Park

Saturday 19/2/22 – Blaise Castle, Bristol

Saturday 19/3/22 – Singleton Park, Swansea

Gwent Leisure Centre League

New members to the club may hear the term “GLCL” mentioned and not really know what it means, so this page is to explain a bit more about the league and show the upcoming race dates for your diary.

The races are there for participating club members to enter and in most cases only open to members of participating clubs. The races are competitive and also great fun, with runners of all abilities taking part. They are a great way to meet runners from other local clubs and run in different parts of the county.

The competitive side includes a points scoring system where you contribute to the club’s league position and also you have a personal tally of points that, if you’re interested, pits you against other people in  your own age group.  Details further down the page.  We also have an annual club award for the best performers – see the “Club Championship” page for an update.

On GLCL race nights in summer, we do still have a club night, however many members choose to take part in the GLCL, so the club nights tend to be much smaller group runs.

Taking Part

First – see a committee member to register for a race number  (this is a new innovation from October 2021 – and introduces, chip-timing).

The cost of the chipped race number is a one-off £2 (we’re finalising who pays this). This will be yours for the season. You’ll also need to wear a club vest, so that organisers and other runners know which club you belong to. Please speak to a Committee member to order one of these.

Once you have vest and number, there is no need to pre-register for the races. Just turn up. It’s best to car-share, as parking can be difficult with so many runners taking part. There is usually car-sharing organised from Monmouth and various other places. Please check Facebook or ask on a club night if you’d like to car share.

About the GLCL

The league began in 1986, when four Gwent clubs set it up, with the aim of providing “all its members, irrespective of ability, with free races they could take part in, within a competitive but friendly environment.”

The league now includes ten running clubs, who take it in turn to host a series of five summer road races of approx 5-6 miles in length, plus five winter cross-country races of around 4-5 miles in length.

The summer road races are held on Tuesday evenings and the winter XC races are held on Sunday mornings, in various lovely locations around the old county of Gwent.

The league has grown over the years and nowadays 400+ runners take part in the summer road races and 300+ in the winter XC races.

Please note that the GLCL should not be confused with the Gwent League, which includes clubs from a wider area and junior events

How it works

Points are based on finishing order (rather than time). Men and women are of course scored separately, as are age categories.

Age Categories

The GLCL age categories are currently:


Senior (17-39), Over 40 (40-44), Over 45 (45-49), Over 50 (50-54), Over 55 (55-59), Over 60 (60-64), Over 65 (65-69) and 70+


Senior (17-34), Over 35 (35-39), Over 40 (40-44), Over 45 (45-49), Over 50 (50-54), Over 55 (55-59), Over 60 (60-64) and 65+

Points and Teams

The league is very much a team event, with runners scoring points for their clubs. Regardless of age, for the summer series the first 10 males and first 6 females score points for the “A” team, the next 10 & 6 for the “B” team etc. For the XC series, this is the first 6 men and 4 women.

The summer series and winter series are scored as separate leagues and also scored as a whole league for the year.

For the individual runners, their best 4 of 5 scores counts towards their overall score for the series.

All GLCL races start at 11:00 am.

More Information

Further information about the Gwent Leisure Centre League can be found in the following places:

Official website:

Facebook Page:

Results Page (Facebook):

Competition Rules: