Championship Races 2017

- January 29th - Lliswerry 8
- February 26th - Pontypool 10k (enter soon as it will sell out)
- March 19th - Forest Half Marathon (or Sept 24th - best time counts)
- April 17th - Gilwern Grunt
- May 1st - Devauden 10k
- Rose Inn - May 9th, June 13th, July 11th or Aug 8th - best time counts
- June 11th - Magic Roundabout
- July (date TBC) - Błaisdon 10k
- Summer Holiday ParkRun - Jul 22nd to Sep 2nd (age-related score)
- September 24th - Forest Half (or Mar 19th - best time counts)
- October 1st - Cardiff Half Marathon
- November 18th - Elan 10

For these races, the winners earn 6 points going down to 1 which all racers get as a minimum.

If you complete a marathon then you will be awarded 6 points but only once during the year.

The Parkrun score is the age-graded score you are given by Parkrun. Please let Martin Blakebrough know your best score during the above period. Up to 10 points are available.

If you have a score to submit or you have any questions, please contact Martin Blakebrough.

Current Standings

As of mid-August, the current* championship leaders are:


Jeremy Creasey 23
Martin Blakebrough 20
Brian Evans 13
Allan Meek 12
Tony Hardy 12
George Smith 11
Robert Nelson 11

*Points will change as Spring Forest Half times could count towards the score, these will be awarded once the Autumn Forest Half has been run. Similarly, the Parkrun scores will be calculated when all scores are in after September 2nd.

Any questions, please contact Martin Blakebrough.