Championship Races 2017

- January 29th - Lliswerry 8
- February 26th - Pontypool 10k (enter soon as it will sell out)
- March 19th - Forest Half Marathon (or Sept 24th - best time counts)
- April 17th - Gilwern Grunt
- May 1st - Devauden 10k
- Rose Inn - May 9th, June 13th, July 11th or Aug 8th - best time counts
- June 11th - Magic Roundabout
- July (date TBC) - Błaisdon 10k
- Summer Holiday ParkRun - Jul 22nd to Sep 2nd (age-related score)
- September 24th - Forest Half (or Mar 19th - best time counts)
- October (date TBC) - Cardiff Half Marathon
- November (date TBC) - Elan 10

For these races, the winners earn 6 points going down to 1 which all racers get as a minimum.

If you complete a marathon then you will be awarded 6 points but only once during the year.

If you have a score to submit or you have any questions, please contact Martin Blakebrough.

Current Standings

After three* races, the current championship leaders are:


1st Allan Meek 12
2nd Brian Evans 10
3rd Jeremy Creasey 8
4th Luke Felton 6
4th George Smith 6
6th Martin Blakebrough 5
7th Tony Hardy 4
8th David Mather 4


1st Emma King 17
2nd Sally Gilson 8
2nd Sarah Clifton 8
4th Karen Ruck Barratt 6
5th Linsey Holt 5
6th Eleanor Kite 4

*the Forest Half points may change as Autumn Forest Half times will count towards the score


Any questions, please contact Martin Blakebrough